Tina Seidenfaden Busck in: THE APARTMENT

Tina Seidenfaden Busck’s design gallery The Apartment is a celebration of her impeccably eclectic taste in art and design. But the Copenhagen-based space has become a global design destination not only for its inimitable curation but for an innovative business model that allows design to come to life.

On the kind of autumn morning that Copenhagen does best of all – grey, wet, miserable – Tina Seidenfaden Busck opens the door to a second-floor flat overlooking the canal, in the city’s Christianshavn neighbourhood. “It’s horrible out there,” she says, wearing a mustard- coloured dress with New Balance trainers and ankle socks, a beaded, life-size cherry dangling from each ear, “Come on in.”

Set across 240 square metres in an 18th-century building and boasting the pale, soap washed wood flooring that is the calling-card of Copenhagen’s oldest and most desirable spaces, The Apartment is at first glance a spacious private residence, stylish and tidy. Overt it isn’t, but here everything – or nearly everything except the books and a few artworks – is for sale, and since Seidenfaden Busck opened the space in November 2011, it has become one of the city’s most talked-about design destinations – no small feat in a town arguably oversaturated with interiors shops and furniture showrooms.

The Apartment is neither shop nor showroom, however, but a gallery in the shape of a home; a collection of warm, pleasantly-lit rooms that reveal clever curations of lighting, art, furniture and ceramics, arranged much as they would be in the kinds of living and dining rooms that decorating dreams are made of.

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