Oak x Rudo Aperitivo

Last night we enjoyed a perfect evening of Italian aperitivi and conversation at Rudo in Copenhagen to launch Oak vol. 07. Thank you to Rudo and all of our friends and collaborators for a great party!

Celebrating Vol.06 at the FvF Apartment

To mark the publication of Volume 06, The Global Local Issue, FvF hosted Oak and a mixer of their communities in the FvF Apartment in Berlin.

Inside the Global Local issue you’ll find both Noma founder Rene Redzepi reflecting on taking NOMA on the road to Tokyo and Sydney and Italian chef Massimo Bottura repurposing food waste in the ‘10 Ideas to Change the World’ piece. It’s a publication that looks at both sides of the coin: from Nordics, like photographer Lina Scheynius who have settled elsewhere in the world to the reverse, international creatives who have laid down roots in the Northern countries.

Thank you FvF for hosting the event and to Rødder for the Nordic catering, Bøgedal and Skandinavisk.

Read more about the launch here



After completion of the Museum of Central Finland in the 1960s, followed by the Alvar Aalto Museum a decade later, both masterpieces by the Finnish architect will soon be annexed by a beautifully curved subterranean tunnel with a common café and outdoor event space. Silmu – Finnish for leaf bud – is the winning entry of the project’s public design competition. Until the new addition is built, the museum welcomes inquiring minds to its 8th International Alvar Aalto Design Seminar entitled Maximal Minimal. Come for the history. Stay for the innovation.

Maximal Minimal, 27-28 August 2016Alvar Aalto Museum, Alvar Aallon katu 7, 40 600 Jyväskylä



Geared to open up a world of art to young eyes through play, The Art Playground at Ordrupgaard inaugurates the first of its interactive installations this spring. Be in the Weather by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson allows you to run freely through the fog produced by a large circular sculpture. Over the next three years, each new installation will be integrated into the natural surroundings, giving visitors a chance to dance between the jets in Danish Jeppe Hein’s water pavilion, enjoy the view from Japanese Terunobu Fujomori’s teahouse in the trees, or explore American Doug and Mike Starn’s bamboo labyrinth. The exhibit in the museum’s art park is free and open to the public – so come out and play!



The new photo book As the River Runs by Swedish Agnes Thor (1986) is shot over eight years as a personal look at the artist’s haunts and home growing up in rural Sweden. Places she was scared of and places where she felt safe are presented in stills, and the familiar elements of super-stition, tenderness, and nostalgia appear again and again as a sort of meditation on her environment and adolescence. With each page it becomes increasingly impossible not to share the bittersweet truth of a gone youth. The moments she presents are universal, but her unselfconsciousness is not.


OAK vol 5 launches in Copenhagen

OAK volume five, The Love Issue, was launched in Copenhagen on Friday the 29th of April at a reception at the beautiful Aesop store on Værnedamsvej.

Thank you to all who stopped by, not least the many contributors who helped celebrate this labour of love. You can order The Love Issue here.

Oh Land and Eske Kath cover OAK

Danish singer Oh Land and her partner in life and love, artist Eske Kath, cover the new issue of OAK, aptly titled The Love Issue, together with their baby son. The couple have taken a break from their hectic schedules in New York to become parents, and you can read our extensive interview with both. Portraits by Mads Teglers.

Pre-order your copy of OAK volume five here

Meet Emma Acs in the new OAK

We are happy to present the hugely talented Danish songstress Emma Acs through a very personal interview in the upcoming issue of OAK The Nordic Journal, out later this month.

Portrait by Petra Kleis, styling by Stephanie Loa.

A cottage in the North

This beautiful Vega Cottage is situated on the island of Vega in the Norwegian archipelago not far from the polar circle (a place, where OAK has journeyed before), and has been designed by Kolman Boye Architects in Stockholm. While dreaming of spending your next holiday in the far North, you can read more about the cottage here.

Thanks to Melanie Kettner of Northletters for bringing this treasure to our attention!

Eye Attack at Louisiana

Following up on the hugely successful Yayoi Kusama exhibition, legendary Danish modern art museum Louisiana is currently presenting the first major presentation of Op Art and Kinetic Art in Scandinavia for more than 50 years, showcasing to visitors a visual experimental laboratory with the whole range of media and techniques.
Op Art is an abbreviation of Optical Art and describes works which use ingeniously crafted optical illusions and effects that go straight to the core of our visual sensory apparatus. The movement had its inception in the middle of the 1950s and its glory days in the 1960s, when it established itself internationally across political and cultural contexts. The artists were preoccupied with science, the psychology of perception and the new technology of the time – and turned their backs on old-fashioned storytelling and romantic sensitivity.


Congrats to Henne Kirkeby Kro

A big warm congratulations to chef Paul Cunningham and his team at Henne Kirkeby Kro in Jutland, Denmark, who recently received their first well-deserved Michelin star. You can meet the ever inspiring Paul Cunningham in OAK volume five, out April 1st.


OAK volume five – coming soon!

We’re thrilled to announce that OAK volume five will be out medio April, celebrating the finer things in life together with inspiring people from the Nordic regions. Pre-orders will be available shortly. See you in April!