Sophie Bille Brahe: A room of one´s own

The jewellery designer Sophie Bille Brahe explains how working in a former school in the centre of Copenhagen has offered her a creative sanctuary where inspiration and memories jostle up against each other.

The detail that really lingers long after leaving her studio is the post-its. Spotting the white walls of Sophie Bille Brahe’s showroom alongside languorous moodboard images of Faye Dunaway by her swimming pool the morning after winning an Oscar and Hammershøi’s “Open Doors” painting are neon pink post-its. They have striking jewelry designs — long drops of graduating pearl earrings, pieces of coral — doodled on them. The Danish jewelry designer shrugs: “That’s just the way I’ve always drawn my collections. I work on them upstairs in my workroom and then bring them back here.”

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