Skagerak is a family-run furniture company based in Denmark, also manufacturing their designs under the name Trip Trap. The company was founded in 1977 with a focus on developing flooring and staircases, but they soon began to steer towards furniture design and production, which is where their efforts remain and where they have excelled in the global market, exporting to more than 40 countries around the world. Working with both established and emerging talent to design and produce timeless goods that represent the clean lines and functionality of Nordic aesthetics, their collections include furniture and accessories to outfit every room in your home, including dedicated lines to furnish gardens, porches, and patios.

Further emphasizing their pride in their Scandinavian design history, they are committed to using only the finest materials for all of their products. For their wood furniture they choose teak, oak, and sapelli for their density and their rugged and durable qualities. In keeping with the spirit of innovation inherent to Nordic design, they also seek out the best man-made materials to ensure long lives for every product. Their durable and hardy outdoor furniture is made of innovative materials, capable of withstanding the elements and years of wear and tear. Skagerak utilizes and develops compact laminate, fibre-reinforced concrete, and their signature patented Barriere textiles for outdoor upholstery so your garden couch can be as comfortable as an indoor one. While some companies expect the end-user to bear the brunt of maintaining the beauty and integrity of their furniture, Skagerak holds higher standards for all of their designers to abide, so they can ensure the calibre of furniture that is capable of coexisting with their owners for many years.