Sincere Design at the Oak x Winterspring Salon

It was the discovery of uncanny similarities between their design philosophies that guided the conversation between Space Copenhagen co-founder Signe Bindslev Henriksen and textile and colour designer Margrethe Odgaard at the third Oak x Winterspring salon.

From 4 – 6 pm on February 27th the Winterspring Dessert Bar was lined with guests who, with champagne and desserts in-hand, were eager to hear the pair in discussion for the first time. Both women have portfolio’s that cut across scale and discipline and are stimulated by the idea of a casualty between design and wellbeing. Yet, when Signe spoke about simultaneously working on long and short-term projects in order to maintain motivation, Margrethe had found a different creative balance by dividing her energy between self-directed work and projects for clients.

At the next salon on March 26th, Charlotte Lynggaard, creative director of jeweller OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN, and Jette Egelund, owner of Vipp, will be speaking about entering family businesses and finding stability between legacy and innovation. Moderated by designer and consultant Nina Bruun.
The talk will be in Danish.