Poppykalas’ Secret Garden Rugs

Founder of Danish floral concept studio Poppykalas, Thilde Maria has designed two nature-inspired rugs in collaboration with Swedish interior company Layered. The resulting Secret Garden Collection is vibrant, playful and unapologetically feminine; the hallmarks of Poppykalas’ sought after floral arrangements.

“The overall inspiration for The Secret Garden Collection is the prodigious garden, and all the benefits it has on the body and mind,” says Thilde. Both rugs abstractly interpret the garden scene: bold, organic, obtuse islands of colour dotting the designs. The Floral Field rug is evocative of a rose garden, spotted with lilac, pink and yellow ovals. The Secret Garden rug is more topographical in design, with a blue stream running through the flora signifiers. Retaining the studio’s allegiance to the environment, the rugs are handmade with recycled wool and sustainable fibers from Tencel.

Presenting the collection at the 2019 3daysofdesign DAWN x Nomad Workspace exhibition, the rugs cascaded in a candy-hued wave from a corner of the entryway. Strewn with her characteristic spilling flowers, the rugs appeared naturalistic themselves.