Per Kirkeby, one of the most beloved Danish artists alive today, recently announced the end of his painting career. Luckily 2016 sees two major exhibitions from the man who is not only known for his legacy of pain- tings, writing, films, and sculptures, but also for his association with the Ex-school, created as a bold and visionary alternative to the
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1961. The first of the exhibitions, The Blue of the Avant-Garde, is held at Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand in Copenhagen in collaboration with Heart Museum of Contemporary Art in Herning and looks across three decades of the artist’s work.
The second, Flashback, is at Wanås Konst, the sculpture park and art space in Skåne, Sweden, and uses sketches and art from 1993 and beyond to retroactively explore the permanently-installed brick sculpture he created for the park in 1994.

The Blue of the Avant-Garde, 6 February to 24 April 2016 Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand, Gammel Strand 48, 1202 Copenhagen Glstrand.dk
Flashback, 15 May to 16 November 2016
Wanås Konst, 289 90 Knislinge, Wanås