Creative Director Thomas Lykke and CEO Anne-Marie Buemann head Danish design studio Oeo, the pair founded the company in 2003 and today they have grown to have offices in Copenhagen and Japan, where their brand is especially successful. Communication and conceptualization are in the fabric of their creative process; the studio takes a holistic, non-linear approach to meeting their clients’ creative needs, and they try to examine projects from every angle, keeping a truly global perspective. This means they have a hand in each step, from research and strategizing to product development, interior concepts and installation, and even to packaging, textile design, and film and photo work.

Their stylish and ultra-modern strategies has led them to develop creative solutions for the likes of Dinesen, Georg Jensen, Brdr. Krüger, Leica Camera Japan, Copenhagen Airports, and Japan Handmade. Thomas Lykke trained as a fashion designer in Copenhagen and San Francisco, and before Oeo he was headhunted to be Interiors editor at Wallpaper Magazine. Anne-Marie Buemann was educated in international marketing management and worked as a consultant, including in a position at the Danish Embassy in Paris.