Note Design Studio

Stockholm-based Note Design Studio was founded in 2008 as a collective that works within architecture, interiors, graphic design, products, and design strategy. They are a team of seven whose work chases after clever details and daring combinations, and they have a reputation for being attentive collaborators and adding a bit of humour to every project.

The logical and frankly ingenious particulars of their designs are what intrigues companies like Menu, Fogia, and Örsjö to see where the relationship with Note will go. Their portfolio includes classic objects with updated functional details that solve design problems we did not even realize we had. How about a washbasin with a removable wooden drying rack? A portable space divider for when you need to focus your concentration in a shared space? Or a multi-functional hanging storage closet that does not look bulky or overdone? These deceptively obvious ideas are executed with such simplicity and skill that it looks almost too easy, and that is the noteworthiness from which they derive their name and reputation.