NORDIC TRACES: colour in everything

To mark the launch of Oak volume 8, Swedish photographer and set designer Tekla Evelina Severin, and Swedish artist Malin Gabriella Nordin share their inspirations from across the globe and the Nordics.

Tekla Evelina Severin and Malin Gabriella Nordin are two creative forces to be reckoned with; both Swedish, both guided by intuition, and both creating visually striking art. Severin has garnered thousands of followers with her mesmerizing Instagram page, followed by an influx of photographic commissions, and exhibitions that have taken her around the world. Meanwhile, Nordin, inspired by nature, is producing a collection of abstract sculptures, drawings, paintings and collages. At 29 she’s being recognized as one of Sweden’s most promising talents, with her work being exhibited worldwide.

Tekla inspires others to look differently at building facades, everyday objects and landscapes. Her approach to angles is unique and innovative, something she owes to her architectural background. Nordin also uses her surroundings for inspiration; her art often resembles landscapes, rocks, mountains and spiritual worlds. Neither shy away from using strong graphics, colours or bold lines to make a statement.

In honour of launching vol. 8, we asked these two visionaries to create a visual diary, of their daily inspirations. What they came back with was an array of eye-catching, personal and creative moments – from a hotel view in Guadeloupe, to a yellow studio in Stockholm, to an evening ferry ride in late August.

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This is part of a project with The Nordics – an initiative exploring the global resonance of the Nordic Region.

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