My Photo Books by Lina Scheynius

Swedish photographer Lina Scheynius produces stunning shots of nudes, still life, and self portraits. Between 2007 and 2019 she organized her intimate archive into 11 self-published books which have received international acclaim. These editions have been revised, edited and designed by the author as an 11-book box set just released. Taken between 1991 and 2018, these photographs offer us an unprecedented insight into the life of a 21st-century woman.

Born in the 1980s, Scheynius has relentlessly recorded with her film camera the scenes of her life, her friends, her loves. Her photography captures quiet moments of hidden beauty that would usually remain unseen by the outside world, as if ripped from the pages of her diary. At times luminous, then hazy – always intense and thought provoking – her work reads like poetry, inviting the audience to discover and be captivated by her motifs. Her aesthetics convey undeniable truth, never shying away from vulnerability, revealing the delicate that deserves to be seen.

Lina Scheynius “My Photo Books” released by Jean Boîte Éditions, Paris.

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