My favourite room

The free city Christiania was founded in 1971, when a group of young activists occupied Copenhagen’s former military area in the Christianshavn neighbourhood. We sneak a peek behind the facades of one of the many home-built houses.

Today the area of Christiania is a miniature society in central Copenhagen, widely known for its liberal attitude towards cannabis, its multitude of architectonic experiments, and the leeway and free scope given to people who don’t fit in elsewhere. Each year almost a million tourists from all over the world visit Christiania, but only a very few are allowed a peek behind the facades of the many home-built houses in the free city.

Here Anne Ida, jewellery designer and music booker, shows us her favourite room in her house, the living room: “My home consists of a single room in which I live, eat, and sleep. This is also where I design my jewellery and make my cut-out dolls. I work most efficiently when I’m surrounded by all my things. That gives me a sense of security. I’ve lived in Christiania all my life and I can’t imagine ever moving away from here. The residents here are like one big family. And what’s more, I can’t imagine anywhere else where I’d be as free to express myself creatively and live out my wild ideas.”

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