Montana is a Danish family-owned furniture company founded in 1982 by Peter J. Lassen, who had been working in furniture since the 1950s before founding his own company. By the time he started Montana, he had already worked closely with the grand old men of Danish design, Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton, inspiring the subsequent launch of several of their pieces in the Montana collection.

Montana’s collection supplies storage systems, tables, and chairs for homes and offices, and are designed to maximize efficiency and encourage user customization. Using bright and clear palettes that carry on Verner Panton’s legacy as one the most colourful designers of his time as well as promoting elegant and simple styles that move freely from one decade to the next, the company has further established itself as a necessary presence in Danish homes and offices. The recent past has also seen their foray into home sound systems with the launch of Montana Sound, in collaboration with Danish Point Source Acoustics, with a wireless sound unit integrated into their cabinetry.

As of spring 2015 Montana is run by Joakim Lassen – son of Peter J. Lassen, great grandson of Fritz Hansen, and a fifth generation member of his family to work in furniture. Besides designing many of the company’s products alone and in collaboration with his father and others, Joakim Lassen is responsible for re-launching two of Verner Panton’s chairs that are now iconic crowns in Montana’s collection.