Materiality at Garde Hvalsøe

The new Copenhagen showroom for bespoke kitchen and interior solution brand Garde Hvalsøe is a study in sparsity and complementary materiality. Created in close collaboration with architect and interior designer David Thulstrup, the showroom is located in a former car assembly garage in a central Copenhagen courtyard. Integrated into the bold rhythmic structure of the car assembly’s columns are five different kitchen solutions, a walk-in closet, a bathroom, a wine room and integrated hallway furniture.

“Our starting point was figuring out how to celebrate the building and work with wood while allowing Garde Hvalsøe’s pieces to find their right,” said David Thulstrup of his process. However, Thulstrup’s design doesn’t shy away from materiality in fear of stealing this attention. Rather the chosen tones are set to calm the surroundings instead of screaming ‘craftsmanship’ in unison with the Garde Hvalsøe’s showing.

The entrance is an architectural insertion made from glass and smoked oak planks that also houses the custom-made wine room. A sky-blue stained 12-seater dining table cuts through a central line of the space and bespoke floor-to-ceiling stone shelving units are lined with material swatches. Thustrup also curated a selection of vintage furniture and art pieces that evoke Garde’s own allegiance to honest materials and tactile design.

But where the showroom’s design feels particularly innovative is in its courage to give away space to the visitor. There are lengths and levels of open air, exposed floor and unadorned shelves and table-tops. “In our industry, there is a classical showroom structure, with clusters of different small environments on display,” described Garde Hvalsøe partner and CEO Søren Lundh Aagaard. “We wanted to move away from that”. Because of this orchestrated lack, the showroom visitor is able to imagine Garde Hvalsøe’s designs with the accoutrement of their own lived-in-ness.

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