Never odd or even / Neve ro ddo reveN

From April 6th until June 10th, 2019 the MUNKERUPHUS exhibition space on the North coast of Sealand will host a large-scale solo exhibition from textile designer Margrethe Odgaard. Odgaard’s Never odd or even / Neve ro ddo reveN challenges the delimitations of the design industry as well as the tight confines of her own title of textile designer.

The exhibition is a close collaboration with Kvadrat and ege carpets. Yet, Odgaard unbalances the hierarchies of design manufacturing from inside their fame. In her experimentation, the process is more salient than the final product, tools from daily life are used in production, and colour, structure and material choices are not dictated by commercial viability.

As the former home and workspace of Danish artist and designer Gunnar Aagaard Andersen, MUNKERUPHUS is the perfect stage of Odgaard’s exploration.  Crossing the disciplines of art, architecture, typography, furniture and textile design,  Andersen’s work critiqued the idea that design must always be useful and in use – an ethos that guides Margrethe Odgaard’s own practice.

Join us at the exhibition opening at MUNKERUPHUS from 15-17 on Saturday, April 6th. Click here to plan your visit during the exhibition period.