Malte Gormsen on Design Chemistry

The prolific portfolio of Danish fine cabinetmaker and joiner Malte Gormsen was finally brought to the foreground at his _Atmospheres exhibition for Copenhagen’s 3daysofdesign. In the leafy courtyard behind Michelin-starred restaurant Geist, Gormsen premiered the Holmen Collection: the impressive design output of his near two-decade-long collaboration with design studio Space Copenhagen. Collocating pieces from their interior projects for restaurants Noma, Geranium, Geist and 108, the exhibition was a testament to the power of a design relationship built on mutual respect. Oak spoke to Gormsen about design chemistry and what remains true across all his projects.


What was your ambition for the _Atmospheres exhibition?
MG: We wanted to celebrate the longstanding cooperation between myself and Space Copenhagen and invite the public into the universe of design and craftsmanship that we have been working on for so many years.

How would you describe your relationship with Space Copenhagen?
MG: The cooperation between Space Copenhagen and myself is characterized by a great mutual understanding of the other’s professionalism. Our longstanding collaboration to develop these pieces of furniture has been ongoing for around 20 years, where we have challenged each other on form and composition. For my part, Space Copenhagen has pushed me in a new direction when it comes to the coloring of the furniture. But the stringent and downplayed expression we have worked out together.

What do you identify as the red thread of the Holmen Collection?
MG: The craftsmanship and the understated expression. We show what you can achieve when you combine the best designers with the best craftsmen. In all our pieces of furniture, one should be able to sense that there are real people behind everything – from design to production.

View Malte Gormsen’s interior project collection here.