Inspiration struck Danish architect and lighting designer Arash Nourinejad unexpectedly ten years ago. “I remember using leftover wood from a bed I had built, to make a LED lamp,” he says, smiling. “I still can picture myself, sitting on the floor, grinning and telling my wife that I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be the source of our livelihood.” Clearly he had a premonition. Today Nourinejad’s Copenhagen-based lighting design company, Anour (meaning light in Farsi), is on to a good thing with his very Nordic mandate to “remove all the excess”. His less-is-more philosophy is clear in Nourinejad’s simple, subtle and elegant straight-lined light fixtures. Handcrafted from raw materials including copper, brass and wood, the bespoke lights can be hung vertically or horizontally, from walls and ceilings. Sustainability is key at Anour, through the founder’s holistic approach as both designer and manufacturer. Nourinejad explains it best: “I like to think of our lights as a central gathering point, both for people and in a space,” he says, adding, “light is the source of life, and this is especially true when it comes to using light in interior design.”