Southern Sweden Creatives: Introducing Kunsik Choi

Southern Sweden’s next generation of design talent has been brought together for a unique exhibition at Dutch Design Week, called What’s Your DNA?. Here, the designers share the stories and inspirations behind their work, revealing the common threads running through this young, local design scene.

What’s Your DNA? is taking place during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven at Klokgebouw 50 from 21st to 29th October. For opening hours and directions visit the website here.

From his orderly, well-stocked woodworking shop in Malmö, Korean-born Kunsik Choi designs and prototypes beautifully crafted, pared-back pieces of furniture and homeware that derive from his observations of the way we live our daily lives. His quiet aesthetic harmoniously marries with that of his adopted home in Scandinavia.

What drew you to southern Sweden?
I studied cabinetmaking and furniture design at Capellagården, Öland, following four years at Politecnico di Milano in Italy. I moved to Malmö after graduating, because my wife and I felt the city is invested in growing design and it is less expensive and felt warmer than Stockholm. We’ve been here two years.

Now that you’re part of Southern Sweden Creatives, do you identify as a Swedish designer?
Well, I’m Korean-born, I’m an independent designer and my studio is based in Sweden – those are the facts. I’m not sure if I can say ‘Scandinavian designer’ but I know I’m inspired by where I am, just as I was in Italy and Korea. Each gives me something, but it’s difficult to explain what.

In your materials and the simplicity of the forms, there’s a Scandinavian feeling…
Those principles – simplicity and clean lines – they’re also related to the oriental philosophy. So in materials and form there are some close elements between the two cultures. They’re easy to reconcile.

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