Though a newcomer to the Danish design scene, Karakter is on a mission to become known for its commitment to creating authentic designs that are also a bit unconventional. The Copenhagen-based lifestyle brand showcases the work of innovative designers from around Europe – and one from South Africa – united by shared goals to create lasting and truly inventive furniture, lighting, and household objects with character.

Craft, function, and beauty – losing any of these three elements eliminates the possibility for successful design according to Karakter’s standards, but there must also be a unique soul to a piece, and for this reason they work with talent unafraid of making courageous choices in material and form. Germany-based designer Laura Strasser contributes her impeccable and daring vision for porcelain; from Amsterdam Aldo Bakker defiantly battles the easily digestible nature of functional design with objects that ignite curiosity and questioning. As a whole, the offerings from Karakter cannot be ignored or dismissed; they have established themselves and assembled their early collection with radiant confidence.

While Karakter’s array of objects proffers many designs originating outside the Nordic realm, its Danish heritage is still very much a part of the company’s DNA: one of the most notable achievements of the ambitious young brand is its re-launch of one of Denmark’s beloved heritage companies, Lyngby Porcelæn, which closed its doors in 1969. Formerly called Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark, Lyngby Porcelæn grew to produce nearly a third of the country’s porcelain after only a few decades in operation, evidence of the timeless nature and quality of its designs. It is now once again booming with popularity, and one of the most well-known designs is the fluted Lyngby Vase which is again being featured in design shops all around Scandinavia.