Julie Pike

Norwegian photographer, Julie Pike, is best known for her fashion photography which is distinguished by a subtle poetic touch and strong narratives. Born in Edinburgh but raised in Norway and Denmark, Julie studied in San Francisco, before returning to Oslo in 2001, where she currently lives and works.

Recognised as a quintessentially Scandinavian photographer, Julie’s work has been widely shown internationally; with exhibitions in Oslo, Amsterdam, Paris, Miami and New York. Her work appears regularly in leading magazines around the world such as, Bon, Cover, Fallen, I Love Fake, Neon, Vice, Wire and S magazine. Commercial clients include American Express, Pierre Robert, Jordan, Red Cross, Triumph International, Sony Music, and Universal Music.

Julie’s photography hovers between the told and the untold. Each of her photos tells a story, while hinting at the unspoken. It’s up to us, the viewers, to fill in the blanks.


Photographer, Julie Pike Photography
Oslo, Norway

What or who inspires you?

It’s the small everyday encounters that inspire me. Perhaps a nameless face on a street, being on a bus line, nature, old family photo albums, books; so much can inspire me daily.

Is there a connect between your work, and where you’re from?

I definitely think so. I am fascinated with Nordic scenery and my pictures often reflect back to my roots, back to where I am from.  

What do you think are the biggest plus sides in working in the creative field in a Nordic country?

It has to be the light, nature and the four seasons of the year.

And are there any challenges you face, with being from this region?

It may paradoxically be the same answer, the four seasons and the light. It’s not always so easy to plan a shoot when the weather is so unpredictable and always changing. The light, if you have any, disappears in the early afternoon during the winter season. On the one hand this is a good thing because one can be spontaneous and seize the moment, on the other hand, it is a very difficult challenge.

What is your driving force to continue making things?

The fact that I simply can not stop making things. This is my life, and I do not want, nor can I, do anything else.

Can you describe your perfect day?

To wake up and take an early walk in nature, then to take my coffee in the car and drive to a gorgeous location which I had spotted previously and take pictures together with people who inspire me and just forget all about time and space.

Do you have your own quote/motto that defines you/your work?

Be true to yourself.

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