Introducing: Insta guest Vivian Valente

This week one of our favourite intsagrammers, Norwegian Vivian Valente aka. @valentevivian takes over OAK’s instagram with her beautiful, distinctive Nordic aesthetic.

Before handing over the reins we chatted with Vivan, who works as a nurse in the picturesque town of Flekkefjord, about her love of photography and what captures her creative imagination:

“I have always been interested in photography and conserving moments, but I never figured out how to use a camera. When I got my first iPhone a whole new world opened up for me. I collect and make moments.

I fantasize about the concept of slow living, but everyday life can be so stressful. It’s important to carve out some quiet space for yourself and your loved ones. If you cultivate the habit of seeing beauty in the little things, happy and grateful feelings will grow. I don’t spend much time staging and setting up a scene but I do try to aestheticize moments of my everyday life.

I have a strong pull towards organic, botanical, natural and Nordic aesthetics. The sense of belonging, and something familiar, quiet, raw and safe is strong and rooted in my Nordic heritage. I prefer to surround myself or create situations that evoke those sensations.

This could involve chalk painting my walls, lighting up my Mad et Len Humus scented candle or my indoor fireplace, buying or picking flowers, grounding coffee, picking out wood, wool and knitwear, swimming in the lake, baking a bread or blowing out a candle. At the same time, I can’t say no to a little dose of gold and glitter once in a while (my Italian roots comes to show)!”

Follow Vivian Valente’s takeover at @oakthenordicjournal on Instagram until December 20th.