For thirty years Swedish furniture company Fogia has worked with the top names in contemporary Nordic design to create exceptional furniture that will age gracefully. Their philosophy maintains that great furniture is an investment, and quality is not the same as durability; it is not enough that a piece of furniture is sturdy and long-lasting if the design itself is not good; then it is not, in fact, good quality. Of course this also means that even the most visually captivating concept will not make it to production without a guaranteed longevity. To achieve their multi-faceted vision they have enlisted a family of designers united by passion for form, function, and quality, who are driven by more than just a desire to make aesthetically pleasing objects. Featuring collaborators with a wide array of skills and training keeps the environment one of constant learning and development as they work to create innovative yet timeless designs. Andreas Engesvik, Monica Förster, Note Design Studio – these are just a few of the many talented names currently contributing to Fogia.

Always keeping their core tenets in mind, Fogia’s collections are crafted out of ash, birch, oak, and beech wood that is selected while it is in the forest, and manufactured in their factory in Gdansk, Poland at a pace that ensures complete accuracy and quality. The commitment to natural materials extends to the insides of the designs as well, and where it is needed they use goose down, jute, flax, and cotton for filling.

Fogia has a concept store in Stockholm that is as dynamic as their approach to designing: it serves as a showroom, workplace, store, and somewhere it is possible to view and experience all of their products under one roof.