Who is he, this mysterious little boy sitting in the staircase staring right at you with absolutely no hesitation or shame? The answer is entirely up to you and your own imaginative powers when you visit Fotografiska Museum (Museum of Photography) in Stockholm this fall during the exhibition of the enigmatic works of Swedish photographer Nygaards Karin Bengtsson (1972). The exhibition title Untold Stories is fitting in more than one sense. Not only is it the first solo show presenting works produced since 2004 including three new images never before shown to the public, it is also an exploration of the blurry boundaries between reality and dream, truth and fiction. The young artist is known for her meticulous planning of every shot, very similar to the production of a feature film – the casting, scenography, prop design, costume design, and lighting – but the real drama unfolds in the mind of the spectator.

Untold Stories, 4 September until 15 November 2015
Fotografiska Museum, Stadsgårdshamnen 22, Stockholm. Fotografiska.eu