Designmuseum Danmark

Set in the former Royal Frederik’s Hospital, Designmuseum Danmark is the exclamation point on the showroom-crowded Bredgade in central Copenhagen.

For tourists and families, the museum tells the story of Danish design’s rise to eminence. For those working in the industry, the space becomes a nuanced resource for understanding the culture to which they are contributing.

What could easily have become an inward-looking, wistful tribute to the Mid-Century Modern era, under the guidance of museum director Anne-Louise Sommer is instead a modern map of Denmark as a design destination.

Sommer describes this approach as emphatic of the Danish design sensibility: “…the sense of refining history, insisting on making things better with respect for our heritage.” It’s a duality epitomised by the museum’s own architecture, with a new Plaza designed by COBE creating a juxtaposition between the old and new that reflects the collection within.