Redefining Retail: Bozarth Fornell

When Andreas Bozarth Fornell (of Bozarthfornell architects) designed this Acne Studios in Paris, he wanted to take customers on an adventure. He aimed to lead them down a new path through retail reality. “Our approach to the layout has always been to create a unique customer journey by a lot of partitions creating scattered spaces and ‘rooms’,” says Bozarth Fornell.

Depending on which way you turn after entering the store, you’ll see and experience something entirely new. And this isn’t the first time he’s worked his magic
on retail; he has designed interior spaces for Acne Studios in the United States, Sweden, Japan, Denmark, California, and France, using unique layouts and materials
for each. “It’s all about creating a foundation for the apparel and to make an architectural design that reflects the brand. Since fashion is an ongoing evolution and
style changes fast, I believe that architectural expression needs to be a bit more constant. Yet it needs to reflect this evolution and speak about the brand DNA.”

The space is located in an old metal shop — something which posed a challenge due to the single skylight and limited amount of natural light. However, the team found a way to work with these limitations. They chose materials that paid homage to the history of the place (like raw aluminium); added warm colors, and enticed guests inside. “The design, layout and approach was all about adding in a new layer, but at the same time showcasing the beautiful structure of an
industrial space.”

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