Partnerships at the second Oak x Winterspring Salon

“My collaborations have been my teachers,” said floral stylist Thilde Maria Kristensen at the January 30th Oak x Winterspring salon.

From 4 – 6 pm at Winterspring’s small-taste dessert bar, a lively mingle of Copenhageners enjoyed coffee, champagne and Winterspring’s renowned icecreams. The salon guests flipped through copies of Curated Copenhagen and sat and leant over Winterspring’s Swedish store bar to hear Thilde in conversation with jewellery designer Trine Tuxen.

Trine spoke about choosing her collaborators based on instinct and emotionality and how her recent V-collection was the outpouring of a very personal exploration of her own femininity. In an apt close to their discussion of collaboration, Thilde and Trine excitedly revealed the details of their upcoming partnership with one another.

On February 27th, at the next instalment of the salon series, Space Copenhagen co-founder Signe Bindslev Henriksen will be in the conversation with designer Margrethe Odgaard about designing across disciplines.