Ceramicist Inge Vincents

Inspiration often comes from mistakes for ceramicist Inge Vincents – a broken bowl, a twisted throw. These ‘accidents’ are perfected and displayed in her combined shop and studio space on the similarly pristine Jægersborggade in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro neighbourhood.

Ceramics was once assigned as simply a ‘hobby’ by Vincents, who pursued a career in the business side of the creative arts. It was a chance encounter in a park with a woman studying ceramics that set Vincents on her current path; empowered by a mentorship with her long-time idol, ceramicist Christian Bruun.

Vincents found her own muse in the white porcelain thin-ware 14 years ago. Today, a wander through her store is a study in the powerful relationship between art and light. In the Copenhagen summer, sunlight beams through her storefront, bouncing off the curves and creases of her vessels in such a way as to make them appear almost transparent.

As she works, Vincents is in equal-parts amused and inspired by people’s attempts to relativise her work – as bamboo, or a crumpled paper bag. It was a customer describing her joinery as folded that was the catalyst for a series of crimped and tucked dishes.

At Keramiker Inge Vincents the fluent elegance of Danish minimalism is harnessed and handmade, and this is why one of her unique vases is a far more emblematic Copenhagen souvenir than any Nyhavn tea towel or bicycle keychain. Luckily, Vincents has also perfected the art of shatterproof wrapping for the long-haul journey home to your dining table.