For almost 130 years Copenhagen-based brand Brdr. Krüger has been celebrating and defining Danish heritage design and their Nordic roots. From the day two brothers named Theodor and Ferdinand Krüger opened shop together in 1886 until now, five generations later, the family-owned and operated business has been crafting some of the most iconic Danish designs. Two famous pieces are The Bølling Tray Table by Hans Bølling and craftsman Kay Bojesen’s Wooden Monkey, both of which are immediately recognizable in any setting and illustrate their talented designers’ grasp of innovation and efficient functionality.

Today, as always, every piece manufactured by Brdr. Krüger is produced in Denmark and exhibits the classical Nordic aesthetics of simplicity, practicality, and reverence for nature. They have taken care not to rely purely on their history to remain important to Danish design, instead updating their collection to adapt to the changing climate of design, making the brand both a mainstay of classic design and also a source of fresh ideas. In keeping with that, Brdr. Krüger recently collaborated with Danish design studio OeO to create The Ferdinand Chair, which is two centuries of design tradition and craftsmanship expertise distilled into one form.

There is also a strong sense of family in their collections, which feature heirloom designs perfect for young and growing families alike. They celebrated their 125th anniversary with The Mokuba Rocking Horse designed by Danish and Japanese duo Erik Maquardsen and Takashi Okamura. Mokuba mean rocking horse in Japanese and the friendly design is made from cool-toned beech wood and leather, perfect for little ones to enjoy while the classic shape triggers a pleasant nostalgia in adults. Another such heirloom design is The Lulu Cradle, designed by acclaimed Danish designer Nanna Ditzel and inscribed with her signature in each frame, sturdy enough to be passed on from one generation to the next as the babies grow into bigger beds.