B&O Play

B&O Play is the playful and upbeat little sister of legendary Danish electronics company Bang & Olufsen, who launched the soon to be popular sub brand in 2012 to create a line of their trademark audiophile-approved products for the digital generation. In an era where consumer electronics are practically disposable, B&O Play does not follow suit, instead choosing to design adaptable, intuitive products that do not become obsolete in a year or two like products from many other brands. As such, they are an investment, but one you can be sure of – in its 90-year history Bang and Olufsen products have practically become a religion for some consumers, spawning collector groups, books, and fan-run websites dedicated to the company.

The B&O Play line of portable audio-visual products is designed to give music and audio full tones and authentic sound, so listeners can experience media anywhere without compromising on the quality of music as the artists intended it to be heard. Using their trademark futuristic aesthetic and detail-oriented design, they have created a line of headphones and standalone products that can be brought wherever one wants to enjoy music. Recently the brand also partnered with computer company Hewlett-Packard to feature the audio technology in PCs, taking their tradition of ‘design for music’ one step farther into the digital age.