Babba C Rivera: In the Right Place

Swedish-born, New York-based Babba C Rivera is a marketing and advertising guru who at 27 has already put ride-sharing giant Uber on the map in Sweden; landed on the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list and most recently opened her own agency, BY BABBA. At the brand marketing consulting agency, Rivera (formerly Babba Canales) now weaves her magic for forward-thinking young fashion brands like ATP Atelier and Sui Studio. “I love meeting inspiring people and I love to advise, especially women, on how to achieve their fullest potential,” she says. “Now I get to help female founders tell a cohesive story, or help them grow and build their brand.” Rivera is also the co-founder of HER USA, a branch of the originally Swedish HER global network, an empowering community of women supporting other women in the workplace. Each month the community comes together for a welcome breakfast, an intimate dinner and a wellness event, in addition to quarterly workshops and panels. “I think this is the moment where I feel like I’m exactly at the right place.”

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