Design studio – All the way to Paris

What do you do, and where are you from?
We founded and run the design studio All the way to Paris, Tanja Vibe is a true Copenhagener (born and raised) and Petra Gendt is Swedish of origin.

 We are currently a team of 7 designers (Danish, Swedish, British, French & Japanese) at the studio in the heart of Copenhagen. Way back we started out as graphic designers but our work has developed in new directions over the years. We have a broad range of projects and love the diversity of the different kinds of work, companies and people we meet. To us design is alot about relations. Trust, a shared sense of humor, a common goal, a mutual interest in aesthetics are all important factors for us to start off a good design process.
What or who inspires you within your field and in your daily work?
We have always been inspired by everything else than design. Art and the art world, literature, different cultures, aesthetics of different cultures and just life in itself. The fact that we are a team working together is also a crucial source of inspiration – we discuss things, disagree, challenge each other and support each other. A brainstorm and going through someones sketches can be very inspiring too. its one of the great advantages of working together as a team.

Is there a connection between your work, and where you’re from? Why or why not?
We have never totally identified with ”Scandinavian design”  but having said that you can’t get away from the fact that we carry things with us in our luggage based on where we grew up and where we now live. We have both been travelling alot since we were very young and lived at other places, other continents so we do have a broad outlook on the world. Our name indicates that too – a journey between places, also the disbelief in boarders.

The great part of working in Copenhagen these days is the fact that the design scene has echoed very vibrantly in the rest of the world too. there has been a hype about the new danish design.

What do you think are the biggest plus sides in working in the creative field in a Nordic country?
Denmark has a tradition of design – clients are well educated when it comes to design which leads to the fact that you start on an interesting level. You don’t have to start by explaining the basics.

The international scene has had a strong focus on the Nordic, the Scandinavian and that is ofcourse a great advantage if you want to be part of the international design scene rather than only the nordic.

And are there any challenges you face, with being from this region?
We often see scandinavian design as very homogeneous, working too grounded in a tradition can be a danger to new discoveries, new angles. Luckily we don’t feel that we are stuck in this dilemma, we see ourselves as very priviliged to live and work in scandinavia. We have three children each and the structure of society give us the possibility to work alot AND have families.

What is your driving force to continue making things?
A total and complete love for what we do, the work in itself, the challenges. The fact that no day is like the other. We have been very priviliged that our work developes into new fields, we meet new people new challenges and adventures all the time. Again there is a huge force in being a team moving forward together.

Can you describe your perfect day?
A perfect day at the design studio is a day where there is time enough to get deep into work, to be carried away by work. but also a day when you meet new people and get new energy from that. Probably the duality of these aspects, working with the inner creative force AND receiving inspiration from the outside world.

Do you have your own quote/motto that defines you/your work?
If we had one we would make sure to break with it as much as we could!
But there is one that we keep using over and over again though….The devil is in the detail….