At home with music

For Copenhagen’s booming creative scene, music and creativity go hand in hand. Here, Oak and Sonos visit the homes of some of the city’s most interesting young makers, designers and entertainers to find out more about how this ancient muse is influencing today’s innovators.

Scientists have long been fascinated with the connection between music and creativity. But for most creatives, this relationship is an instinctive one. Music provides an inspirational backdrop for innovative thinking in the studio and helps clear the mental palette at home, making space for new ideas.

For Copenhagen’s current batch of young creatives, who seem more interested in consciously developing new ideas and ways of working than ever before, music is a tool for pushing boundaries, communicating and making new experiences, materials and objects that will have a lasting resonance. “Why do things as they have always been done? Where would be the fun in that?” points out Bo Lindegaard, the charismatic, rebellious chef behind Copenhagen’s radical dining company I’m a Kombo.

Oak has teamed up with Sonos, creators of the instinctive-to-use and beautifully designed audio systems that nestle seamlessly into so many studios and homes, to profile three of Copenhagen’s best new talents, for whom music is a key part of the creative process. Diverse in their practice, these three creators are bound together by the thread of music: Lindegaard is joined by fine artist and jewellery ‘sculptor’ Caroline Sillesen, and designer-inventor Nikolaj Steenfatt.

We also invited all three to share the soundtracks to their lives to create an innovator’s playlist, which you can listen to on Spotify: Oak x Sonos Playlist.

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