Swedish Asplund was founded in 1990, and for the 25 years since they have been producing work in a genre they call ‘friendly minimalism’, characterized by subtle colours, clean lines, and classic forms. A small family business with a commitment to producing their collections in Sweden, they use only the highest-quality natural materials rather than outsourcing the work to less costly countries, and in this way they demonstrate their support for the local furniture industry as well as the environment. More than just a design team, this multifaceted brand is made of several diverse elements: their signature Asplund collection, an interior design team to serve commercial and private clients, a dedicated Asplund Kitchen line, and a store and showroom which functions as a kind of living exhibit of the brand. Another distinguishing marker of Asplund is the made-to-order method of production. Through dialogue with their customers they seek to create customized, timeless classics that challenge the throw-it-away nature of consumerism. They innovate a step beyond their peers when they are open to collaboration with not only many notable designers and architects but also with their customers, and the result is their well-loved signature collections of storage, carpets, and furniture.

To pay tribute to their heritage, Asplund recently introduced a new colour called Nordic Blue, a soft shade that references the water, ice, and light that is so integral to Nordic landscapes. Among several pieces of furniture, the colour also appears in Horizon, a stunning new line of carpets for the brand from designer Mattias Stenberg, the newest addition to the design team. Asplund carpets, like the other offerings from the brand, are made by hand according to size and colours specified by the client, another bit of insurance that each piece will enjoy a long life with the person who buys it.