Artist Residencies: Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale

Stepping away from the daily, sometimes chaotic, routine of answering emails, networking, event planning, and everything else that comes with being an artist, means being able to focus on what matters most: creating.

An artist retreat in the middle of nature might sound cliche, but an escape to the Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale is anything but. Situated on the west coast of Norway overlooking the small fjord community of Dale, three hours from the nearest city, this artist residency lends itself perfectly to recharging your creative energy. The five private residencies, and five studios are surrounded by tall trees, and sweeping panorama views. Artists from around the globe have been welcomed to the residency, creating an international presence. It accommodates architects, visual artists and designers for two or three months, and is open year round. The Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale is primarily dedicated to the art residency programme, but occasionally offers workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

The centre has been operating since 1998 and was funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. It was designed by architects Haga & Grov from Stavanger, in collaboration with architects Hjeltnes and Egge.