Southern Sweden Creatives: Introducing Andréason & Leibel

Southern Sweden’s next generation of design talent has been brought together for a unique exhibition at Dutch Design Week, called What’s Your DNA?. Here, the designers share the stories and inspirations behind their work, revealing the common threads running through this young, local design scene.

What’s Your DNA? is taking place during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven at Klokgebouw 50 from 21st to 29th October. For opening hours and directions visit the website here.

Kristian Andréason and Kristin Leibel’s airy studio in Arlov was once a printing house and a former Hell’s Angels hangout. Now it’s home to the established industrial design duo’s explorations with form and function, through varied work that swings between commercial industrial-lighting projects and conceptual, one-of-a-kind pieces. Andréason & Leibel gently twist perception and expectation in their timeless, lasting design.

How did you begin working together?

KRISTIN LEIBEL We were in the same industrial design class in Gothenburg, and bonded in the smoking area! Kristian’s parents also met at that school and are ceramicists. We’re partners in life and in work.

How do you manage to create pieces that are both timeless and playful?

KRISTIN LEIBEL Whether a commercial project or one of our own, we always have a knowledge of where we want to go. There are many decisions along the way, especially for our own unique pieces. And there’s serendipity. But we’re not trying to be ‘fun’, and there’s always angst between us and the objects during the problem-solving process.

What makes Malmö‘s design scene different?

KRISTIN LEIBEL Its grit, its space for working without boundaries and that everyone’s supportive of one another. Now it feels like what we do is important, not just to us but to others as well.

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