Arne Jacobsen’s (1902-1971) design contributions to Scandinavia and the world at large have been immeasurable, his brand of minimalism still heavily influencing modern generations of creatives decades after his active years. To that end, a modern effort is made to pay homage to the vast collection of furniture and goods he designed for the 1960 launch of the legendary SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Another landmark revival came this spring with Georg Jensen’s relaunch of Arne Jacobsen’s historic candleholder design, which along with the AJ Cutlery (also produced with Georg Jensen), the Swan, Egg, and Drop chairs – and of course the building itself – was debuted by Jacobsen for the opening of Copenhagen’s first skyscraper. There is still one room intact in its original design – aficionados can make reservations for Room 606 to see the original styling of the rooms.