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Classics of tomorrow

Scandinavian design is synonymous with iconic furniture, but the grand old men from the golden era of the 1950s and 1960s are challenged by present day talents. Predicting the future is a hazardous task, but we’ll take our chances and take a closer look at what we believe will be the classics of tomorrow.


Creating a space where patrons can leave the outside world at the door and relax […]


One is beautiful, but hard and uncompromising – the other emotional, vivacious, and utterly charming. Opposites attract, and love is cultivated in the most unexpected of places.

Concern yourself

What is necessary, and what purpose do the items we use in our everyday life […]


Scandinavian design classics are in high demand, and collectors from all over the world flock […]


If you cannot tell a chanterelle from a toadstool and never had the guts, the […]


Every Danish bakery knows how to make national classics such as the lemon-flavoured citronmåne or […]

The colours of calm

Some colours invigorate and energize, others set the scene for a calmer mood. The fade of summer and the onset of autumn bring about a whole new colour scheme, perfect for daydreaming and quiet contemplation.

Let there be light

Night and day – the two are said to be categorical opposites, separating light and dark, or more suggestively, life and death and good and evil. But any artist or designer knows that once darkness falls, nothing is as simple as that.

My favourite room

The free city Christiania was founded in 1971, when a group of young activists occupied Copenhagen’s former military area in the Christianshavn neighbourhood. We sneak a peek behind the facades of one of the many home-built houses.


Founded in 2011 by Jase Kotan, Niels Strøyer, and Driton Memisi, Frama is a Copenhagen-based […]