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A Love Story

He is one of the most influential contemporary Danish artists. She is renowned world-wide for her unique collages and original designs for the fashion label Moonspoon Saloon.

The Lunch – Host

A small gathering of OAK friends at the Copenhagen restaurant Höst.

Being René Redzepi

From high school failure to best chef in the world: no one, least of all himself, could have predicted René Redzepi’s trajectory.

Waiting for spring

The Scandinavian winter may be long and cold, but beneath the fragile surface of glittering ice, spring is patiently waiting to germinate and present itself in colourful profusions of flowers.

Into the wild

The world-renowned Swedish restaurant Fäviken is nestled in an estate so far from anywhere that only decidedly dedicated diners will experience its transformative powers.


Danish Hollywood actress Connie Nielsen grew up in a very religious household and was a lonely outsider in the village before she broke free and went the only way she could – out of there.

The Next Big Thing

She is young, talented, and has that certain combination of a quirky beauty and flair for melancholic lyrics that makes international music critics rave about fame and fortune.


Way out in the Baltic Sea lies Bornholm, a rocky island made up of medieval churches, decaying castle ruins and glorious sandy beaches.

ROSKILDE – Festival of hearts and music

Since its early hippie beginnings in 1971, Roskilde Festival has grown to become a national treasure of Denmark, a global symbol of tolerance and community in an increasingly square world, as well as a rite of passage experience for many a rebellious teenager.

Picturing Helena

Helena Christensen, Danish supermodel and photographer, has transformed what could have been a short-lived appearance on the catwalk into a successful career still in motion.

B&O Play

B&O Play is the playful and upbeat little sister of legendary Danish electronics company Bang […]

Hurricane Girl

Unless your idea of a pop star is that of a whirlwind with a ponytail who swears like a trooper, Karen Marie Ørsted does not quite fit the common expectations.


A sofa inspired by the formal expression of a Japanese haiku poem, a lamp motivated […]

Note Design Studio

Stockholm-based Note Design Studio was founded in 2008 as a collective that works within architecture, […]

Andreas Engesvik

After six successful years at design company Norway Says, Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik decided to […]


There is more than just the hands of clock that tell us time is passing; […]


Every plank of wood in Dinesen’s production factory has passed through ten pairs of hands […]

Next generation

Classic designs appear to be at home no matter where they are; they can exist in many places at once, in many lives and rooms, spanning time through an intuitive use of materials and forms.

A journey from Lofoten to Nordkapp

For centuries the journey to Nordkapp in Norway, the far and windswept end of mainland Europe, has been one surrounded by mythic awe.


Long celebrated for its beneficial properties, seaweed has since the 1600s played an integral part in Asian culinary traditions. Today the Scandinavian ‘foodie’ destination of Denmark has at long last also awoken to the great potential of one of the Earth’s oldest living organisms.


Oh, melancholia

Danish electro-pop diva and singer-songwriter Oh Land has had a meteor-like career since her debut album in 2008.


Gorgeous curtains, colourful wall hangings, or a well-made couch – these are some of the […]


When a designer begins working to express a concept, there is always a flicker of […]

Living with colour

Coco Hotel

Nordic Traces Podcast series