Beauty of The Harbour

The young French artist Julie Fuster’s atmospheric photographs and dreamy writings can currently be viewed at Reykjavik’s museum for photography Ljósmyndasafn in Iceland. “In 2014, I came to live in Reykjavik for a whole year. Mindful and a bit confused, I got myself busy with writing and taking pictures, mostly around the harbour area, where I lived and worked. When, in January 2015, I looked into the large amount of material I had, I could see a pattern, and realised that my photographs and poems were expressing glances of my emotional seasons,” explains Julie Fuster to Ljósmyndasafn.

Fuster’s exhibition The Harbour thus seeks to express the vulnerability of the inner worlds, and the effects of lights, elements and landscapes on our minds. It consists of five poems, five photographs and five short stories, each for one season, from one winter to another. They tell the one-year story of the artist roaming the Icelandic landscapes, seeking to enter the past.

The Harbour, October 1st – December 1st 2015.