Artist Residencies: Ørslev Kloster

Located in the Danish countryside between the towns of Viborg and Skive, this creative residence is set within the grounds and buildings of a 12th century medieval benedictine nunnery, and later manor house. Near the end of the 19th century the estate went into decline, and for nearly a century the buildings were neglected. During the 1920s and 1930s, the National Museum of Denmark and Countess Olga Sponneck restored the monastery, bringing it back to life. Since opening its doors in 1969 as a creative residence, Ørslev Kloster has remained one of the oldest and most well-known artist residencies in the Nordics.

The not for profit artist residency is a perfect mixture of old and new, set in an idyllic location surrounded by meadows, and forests. The thick ancient walls contain centuries worth of history, and time, space and silence create a foundation for creativity. Each room is equipped with the essentials for focusing: big windows allowing bursts of natural light to fill the space, soft white walls and light wood accents.  

Artists from around the world are welcomed to the residency for up to two months, immersing themselves in their projects, be it in the field of journalism, music, visual art, film or business. Whether it’s the allure of a countryside retreat, the historic foundations or the creative energy fostered, the Ørslev Kloster is an inspiring destination for creative minds.