Woodstockholm’s Two Faces

Beyond hybrid barber shop cafes, Woodstockholm brings Scandinavia’ most prolific cultural exports under its purview – gastronomy and interior design. The company was founded in 2010 by three friends as a design agency and furniture producer.  Yet, in April of 2015, they opened a restaurant under the same name next door to their showroom at Mosebacke Torg in Stockholm. “Our furniture business evolved into and inspired our food concept,” says co-founder Jon Åström Gröndahl. Woodstockholm’s designs outfit the interior and the food is guided by same ethos as the design studio – craftsmanship and environmental sustainability. “We aim at being as consistent as possible through both branches,” describes Grondahl, “they interact through physical objects but also in terms of our menus that are often inspired by nature.” Though novel, Woodstockholm’s duality feels entirely natural.

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