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Volume 02

In the second issue you will meet writer Siri Hustvedt, who describes the Norwegian genesis of her linguistic rhythms, as well as singer and rebel Mø, who left her provincial upbringing behind to make the world her stage. You will get close to Chef René Redzepi, who more than anyone else has put Danish cuisine on the world food map, but still struggles with the experience and the actuality of his own fame, and encounter Japanese designer Akira Minagawa, who discovered his artistically unique idiom in Finland.

Moreover, the magazine offers an enthralling photographic report, created by renowned photo art power duo Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer in cooperation with fashion designers from Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands, a rare and fascinating glimpse behind scenes of the Royal Danish Ballet, and a travelogue from the end of the world – the windswept Nordkapp, the northernmost point of the European mainland. Read exclusive extracts from the magazine below.