Concern yourself

What is necessary, and what purpose do the items we use in our everyday life serve? Is it our right to consume endlessly, and do we need to?

These are questions asked by the multi-stranded Swedish label To whom it may concern. TWIMC was founded in Stockholm in 2010 by artist Jonna Lee with the aim to release the music and films of the audiovisual project iamamiwhoami without having to compromise on quality or creative boundaries.

Today, the label is run by a small number of creators from different art fields (artist Barbelle, directors collective WAVE, music producer Claes Björklund, cinematographer and still photographer John Strandh and illustrator /designer Jan Scharlau) who price high quality product-making, equality, sustainability and functionality. Gender categorization isn’t relevant to TWIMC and thus is born the unisex line of organic clothing ‘necessities’. Each piece of clothing is made to encourage a sustainable mindset and to fit the person and his/hers identity – not an ideal. As the people of TWIMC say, “it is what it is.” Indeed.