One Two Three Swing!

Danish art collective Superflex is widely known for their radical project Superkilen, a kaleidoscopic public park […]

Raising the Barr

The best buildings allow their owners to explore a myriad of possibilities within their walls; […]

Introducing Oak Vol. 8 – The Innovation Issue

The eighth issue of Oak introduces the Nordic innovators who are breaking new ground across […]

Book launch Huse i Tisvilde

Book launch of the new book Huse i Tisvilde, Art Direction by Oak Publishing. The […]

Southern Sweden Creatives: What’s Your DNA?

A unique new exhibition at Dutch Design Week is showcasing the work of a selection […]

Secret Garden

Denmark’s second city Aarhus is the European Union’s capital of culture 2017. As a part […]

Finding Darkness in the Light

To paraphrase the meme, sometimes, modern life comes at you fast. And for over a […]

Follow the Red Thread during 3 Days of Design

3 Days of Design – Copenhagen’s annual design festival – is upon us and brands […]


Copenhagen-based fashion designer Stine Goya is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of her eponymous label, and her effortless […]

Milan Design Week: Catherine Raben Davidsen x Nilufar Gallery

To celebrate the new Design issue launching at Milan Design Week from April 4-9, Oak presents a series previewing […]


It’s difficult to pinpoint that elusive quality that elevates a well designed object above ordinary functionality […]

Great Expectations

Friends and accomplices, artist Olafur Eliasson and CEO of Kvadrat, Anders Byriel, share a belief in […]

High North

Treehouse hotels have been one of the Nordic region’s cutest inventions of recent years – […]

Star power

Norway is coming into its own in the Nordic cooking scene, with the 2017 Michelin guide […]

Oak x Rudo Aperitivo

Last night we enjoyed a perfect evening of Italian aperitivi and conversation at Rudo in […]

Young Nordic Visionaries Abroad

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things,” said American writer […]

Still life

Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft met each other during their university years studying ceramics and […]

Making waves in Norway

A surfers’ paradise for those in the know, the isolated peninsula of Stadlandet in western […]


Inspiration struck Danish architect and lighting designer Arash Nourinejad unexpectedly ten years ago. “I remember […]

Milan Design Week: Norway show

To celebrate the new Design issue launching at Milan Design Week from April 4-9, Oak presents a series previewing […]

Milan Design Week: Natural Charm

To celebrate the new Design issue launching at Milan Design Week from April 4-9, Oak presents a series previewing […]

Milan design week: face off

To celebrate the new Design issue launching at Milan Design Week from April 4-9, Oak presents a series previewing […]

First Noma, Then the world

What is left to do, when you’ve repeatedly conquered the World’s Best Restaurants list and […]

Milan design week: islands in the storm

To celebrate the new Design issue launching at Milan Design Week from April 4-9, Oak presents a series previewing […]

Milan Design Week: a festival for the home

To celebrate the new Design issue launching at Milan Design Week from April 4-9, Oak presents a series previewing […]

Design studio – All the way to Paris

What do you do, and where are you from? We founded and run the design […]

Eberhart Furniture – a passion for craftsmanship

What do you do, and where are you from? Together with my cousin Rune, we […]

The Spirit of the North

Overlooking the North Atlantic, on Canada’s remote eastern tip, lies the windswept idyll of Fogo […]

The sculptural universe of Laura Bilde

Laura Bilde is a talented Danish designer who won the award ‘Upcoming of the year’ […]

Thorup Copenhagen

Few rising stars in the world of Danish interior design are currently generating as much […]

The strange, beautiful world of Torbjørn Rødland

Inspired by faded memories, photographer Torbjørn Rødland evokes subtle misrepresentations of the past in his […]

Julie Pike

Norwegian photographer, Julie Pike, is best known for her fashion photography which is distinguished by […]

The outsider

The Japanese tend to have a pretty fair idea of the typical foreigner in their […]

New Beginnings

Falling in love, a new job, starting a degree – the serendipitous reasons that take […]

Lina Scheynius

Swedish photographer Lina Scheynius was at the height of a successful modelling career when she […]

Röd Studio

Co-founded by Danish textile designers Anne Louise Rasmussen and Maja Marie Halling, Copenhagen-based Röd Studio […]


Danish curators and founders of A Table Story, Mette Brøndgaard Andersen and Trine Kjær, set […]

Building the future

Architectural firm Snøhetta is credited with some of the world’s most iconic cultural buildings, from […]

Kate Imogen Wood

Copenhagen-based, English interior stylist, Kate Imogen Wood, opened up to Oak about what it’s like […]

Celebrating Vol.06 at the FvF Apartment

To mark the publication of Volume 06, The Global Local Issue, FvF hosted Oak and […]

Walk of life

Viktoria Winge lives on the small Norwegian peninsula of Nesodden, but the world is her oyster. An actress and musician by trade, a nomad by choice, she travels the world looking for personal, creative and spiritual fulfilment. With her new band Moviestar, it seems as if she is finally on her chosen track


Expanding and folding in on itself, the Nordic landscape reveals more than one might imagine. Threads […]


Noun ge·om·e·try \jē-ˈä-mˈ-trē\ 1.) a branch of mathematics that deals with the measurement, properties, and […]


Rural depopulation may very well be the flipside of the urban success story but fortunately […]


In terms of modern design and furniture, the Nordic region is almost synonymous with internationally renowned Danish Børge Mogensen, Finnish Alvar Aalto, and Swedish Bruno Mathsson, who all occupy special places in the world anthology of modern aesthetics. For decades Norway has taken the backseat to the flourishing design scenes of its fellow Nordic countries. However, the times they are a-changing, and now three Norwegian design companies are keen on making their mark internationally.


Arne Jacobsen’s (1902-1971) design contributions to Scandinavia and the world at large have been immeasurable, […]

Dancing with the demons

It came without warning and with a power that knocked her over. Danish singer Emma Acs was on the brink of an artistic breakthrough when a depression drove a wedge through her life and darkened everything – even her pleasure in music, which had been
her greatest passion since she was very young.
But hidden in the dark was a vital force that showed her
the way to go and gave the demons new tunes to dance to.


Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki are not just names of Nordic capitals; they are the stylish […]

How Do You Like Them Apples?

An unlikely series of events has turned a tiny and insignificant island in the southern waters of Denmark into a buzzing cultural hub. Or at least for a few days at a time, when the annual Apple Flower Festival in May makes hundreds of foodies and music lovers flock to the beaches of Lilleø among shorebirds and thousands of blooming apple trees.


Unlike your phone, a good notebook will not lose its charge and is always ready […]


Prolific food entrepreneur Claus Meyer, TV chef and co-founder of Noma, is facing the biggest challenge of his career: stepping into the most competitive food scene in the world to open a fine dining restaurant and food court in Manhattan’s mighty Grand Central Terminal.
But even if he did revolutionize Danish eating habits and envision the most influential restaurant in the world, Meyer still works with the stubborn determination of an outcast and a hunger for success instilled in him as a child, haunted by his father’s belittling voice demanding him to do bigger, better, faster, more. And this time failure is not an option.


Tucked away on a remote mountainside in the heart of the west Norwegian fjords is a hotel out of the ordinary – an unexpected twist in the form of minimalist glass-fronted cabins set against the backdrop of a 16th century farmstead. This peaceful retreat by the name Juvet attracted its current owner to the area more than thirty years ago and over the past decade his willingness to share the view has gotten attention from filmmakers and chefs, as well as travellers looking for the perfect place to disappear.


Helping humanity can be as simple as giving someone a designer teddy bear. Danish design […]

The Power of Passion

Danish singer Nanna Øland Fabricius and artist Eske Kath found each other in between exact lines on a canvas and a demo tape on the car stereo, but long before they met they shared a destiny with artist parents who taught them that creative immersion can be as all-consumingly powerful as being in love. Today they have become parents themselves and busy learning to maintain the balance between individual passions and their shared life with their son Svend.


What happens when two sisters join forces and purchase an out-of-service ski factory? In the […]


If you feel nostalgic for the disposable tableware used in little Asian roadside restaurants, then […]


At the end of a quay in a former fishing village within the Arctic Circle […]


After completion of the Museum of Central Finland in the 1960s, followed by the Alvar […]


Danish for that sparkling fizz in a carbonated drink, Brus is a new brewpub in […]


Her alternative indie version of the Britney Spears hit Toxic gave her a name on […]


Per Kirkeby, one of the most beloved Danish artists alive today, recently announced the end […]


How about a taste of chlorella crisps or a cup of afternoon algae tea? Great […]


The latest buzzword in the beauty industry is freshness, and according to Danish Jasmi Bonnén […]


The age-old bathing cultures of Japan and Sweden join in perfect harmony in this spa […]


Geared to open up a world of art to young eyes through play, The Art […]


In the archives of deceased artists and writers forgotten masterpieces may lie hidden until found by some lucky […]


The new photo book As the River Runs by Swedish Agnes Thor (1986) is shot […]

OAK X aesop

Oak volume five, The Love Issue, was launched in Copenhagen on Friday the 29th of […]

A cottage in the North

This beautiful Vega Cottage is situated on the island of Vega in the Norwegian archipelago […]


It’s practically a rite of passage for travelers to have a strange or awkward hostel […]


Is it a sledge that has lost its way – or a piece of clever […]


How about investing in a shirt or a dress that will still be a welcome […]


The Juliet Pendant lamp is the result of the first collaboration between Norwegian designers Lars […]


It is always thrilling to move behind the scenes of another person’s creative processes and discover the impetus behind his or her creations. Studying the spaces and routines that nurture an artist or a craftsman can be a key to understanding not only the product, but also the creative approach itself.


The recipe for the massive success of Sis Deli + Café, a chain of deli-cum-cafés […]


At the very peak of Sweden’s scenic Förberget (Mount Förberget), more than 730 metres above […]

A Love Story

He is one of the most influential contemporary Danish artists. She is renowned world-wide for her unique collages and original designs for the fashion label Moonspoon Saloon.

Introducing: Insta guest Benedicte Onarheim

Benedicte Onarheim, better known as the much-loved @Kardemomme1 on Instagram, lives north of Oslo in […]


72% art and 28% coffee. This is how photographer Katja Hagelstam describes her concept store […]

The Icy Plunge

The Nordic waters are black, bleak, and cold in the winter, and something dangerous and eerily alluring lurks in their depths. Who can be enticed down below the surface? Old and young alike, it turns out, people in search of the calm and bodily wellbeing that have otherwise been lost in the stress of everyday life and the all-pervasive Scandinavian efficiency. In recent years the ancient tradition of winter bathing has become increasingly popular as a part of a modern, Nordic lifestyle reflecting a yearning for a simpler and healthier life.

Introducing: Insta guest Vivian Valente

This week one of our favourite intsagrammers, Norwegian Vivian Valente aka. @valentevivian takes over OAK’s […]

SEYDISFJÖRDUR: The house at the edge of the World

Between sheer mountain walls and open sea, in the easternmost and most isolated part of Iceland, lies a house into which artists from all over the world can move to find calm and absorption. It is run by a group of young idealists dreaming of a new world order – and a place where obligation and human contact add value to life and art.

Peeking in the mirror
from another angle

Inspiration comes in various forms. To some it appears as a lightning bolt. To others it arrives as tide sneaking its way onto land. In the case of Norwegian musician Thomas Dybdahl it is the grandness of nature and the humdrum of everyday life that often spark his brightest ideas.

The Great Escape

Nature has always been close to home in the Scandinavian hinterlands, but now more than ever the endless Nordic woods are working their magic on the modern city dweller.

A Stockholm night out at Teatern

As if you needed yet another reason to make a trip to achingly hip Stockholm a priority, here comes a mouth-wateringly good one.

Faroe Islands

On the mystical Føroya the centuries-old traditions of sheep farming are still being upheld in the face of modernization.

Classics of tomorrow

Scandinavian design is synonymous with iconic furniture, but the grand old men from the golden era of the 1950s and 1960s are challenged by present day talents. Predicting the future is a hazardous task, but we’ll take our chances and take a closer look at what we believe will be the classics of tomorrow.


Creating a space where patrons can leave the outside world at the door and relax […]


One is beautiful, but hard and uncompromising – the other emotional, vivacious, and utterly charming. Opposites attract, and love is cultivated in the most unexpected of places.

Concern yourself

What is necessary, and what purpose do the items we use in our everyday life […]


Scandinavian design classics are in high demand, and collectors from all over the world flock […]


If you cannot tell a chanterelle from a toadstool and never had the guts, the […]


Every Danish bakery knows how to make national classics such as the lemon-flavoured citronmåne or […]

The colours of calm

Some colours invigorate and energize, others set the scene for a calmer mood. The fade of summer and the onset of autumn bring about a whole new colour scheme, perfect for daydreaming and quiet contemplation.

Let there be light

Night and day – the two are said to be categorical opposites, separating light and dark, or more suggestively, life and death and good and evil. But any artist or designer knows that once darkness falls, nothing is as simple as that.

A man of many lives and rooms

It is always thrilling to move behind the scenes of another person’s creative processes and discover the impetus behind his or her creations. Studying the spaces and routines that nurture an artist or a craftsman can be a key to understanding not only the product, but also the creative approach itself.

My favourite room

The free city Christiania was founded in 1971, when a group of young activists occupied Copenhagen’s former military area in the Christianshavn neighbourhood. We sneak a peek behind the facades of one of the many home-built houses.

Hard as Oak

Of all the trees in Scandinavia, the hardy oak is king. It has fuelled the ovens of medieval villages, carried the city of Copenhagen on its wooden pillars, and served as the building blocks of the Royal Danish Navy. Today oak is coveted as the go-to material in anything from hardwood floors to designer chairs. The reason is this: it never surrenders!

Beauty of The Harbour

The young French artist Julie Fuster’s atmospheric photographs and dreamy writings can currently be viewed […]

North meets South

Rym Tounsi and Zied Youssef, founders of the Tunisian design company House of Rym, have […]