A Stockholm night out at Teatern

As if you needed yet another reason to make a trip to achingly hip Stockholm a priority, here comes a mouth-wateringly good one.

The new food venue Teatern (The Theatre) adds a must-visit destination by bringing together several of Sweden’s most high-profile chefs, and the delicious addition of a pastry chef, to shopping destination Ringen in Skanstull – one of the most dynamic areas of Stockholm.

The goal is to make outstanding eating experiences available for all by serving high quality food in a simple and unpretentious presentation at accessible prices. Teatern will have 250 seats on 900 square meters, and the concept has been developed by real estate developer AMF Fastigheter in collaboration with food entrepreneur Ricard Constantinou.

Teatern will feature the following restaurants (additional restaurants to be announced):

K-märkt patisserie and bakery
Pastry chef: Daniel Roos
Breakfast, fun pastries and birthday cakes will be the mainstays of Daniel Roos’ K-märkt patisserie and bakery. Everything will be fun and modern, always with an eye to health and superior quality, aesthetically as well as gastronomically.

Roos fell in love with the idea of being a pastry chef in high school, when he interned at the local grocery store, which had a coffee shop. Since then he’s won an Olympic gold with the Swedish national team at the Culinary Olympics, created the wedding cake for the wedding of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, and the dessert for the 2014 Nobel Prize dinner.

Chef: Magnus Nilsson
Magnus Nilsson has been lauded far and wide, and his restaurant Fäviken Magasinet has been named the 25th best restaurant in the world. For his first Stockholm venture, Nilsson is opening a hot dog stand. You surely won’t have tried hot dogs like this before.

Mama Delicious Roasts
Chef: Marco Baudone
The rotisserie Mama Delicious Roasts will serve slow cooked food at its very best. This will include chicken, ribs and Italian porchetta. The meat is roasted for several hours, before being served with a variety of breads, salads and sauces. Previously at Sweden’s Operakällaren and Milan’s Guide Michelin restaurant Gualtiero Marchesi, Marco Baudone now turns his attention to Teatern.

Nook Market
Chefs: Claes Grännsjö, sommelier: Alexander Bäckman
Nook Market, an offshoot of the successful restaurant Nook, will serve food inspired by Asian street food. This will include the Vietnamese baguette banh mi and steam buns with pork.

 The Plant – Food that works
Chef: Maximillian Lundin
Maximillian Lundin, meat-lover-turned-vegan, is opening Sweden’s first 100% organic vegan fast food restaurant. “I’ll be serving health food that tastes like junk food. The menu will be seasonal, and everything is 100% organic, with some biodynamic ingredients in the mix,” says Maximillian Lundin.

Chefs: Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman
Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman are two classically trained chefs, who opened the acclaimed concept Adam & Albin Matstudio in 2011. The following year, Adam Dahlberg won silver in Bocuse d’Or, and now they’re opening Raamen, where they’ll serve forward-thinking noodle dishes with a Swedish twist. Raamen will be the first restaurant in Sweden to serve Sun Noodles, often called the Rolls Royce of noodles, which is served at many of the best noodle restaurants in the world.

Snack Bar
Chefs: Linus Ahlstedt and Mikael Gröndal
Linus Ahlstedt and Mikael Gröndal, hot off Chez Betty, are taking their popular concept Snack Bar to Teatern. They’ll serve their own interpretation of Southern French fast food, including their signature veal kebab with homemade sauce blanche.

Teatern opens to the public on December 5th, preceded by a grand opening event on December 4.

Götgatan 132, Stockholm